This is a small writeup from Vishwajeet Raj, a core team member of DSC NSEC, which organizes Winter of Code to encourage student participation in open source and to gear them up for Google Summer of Code!

What is it Winter of code?
Do we code in winter?

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Winter of Code

Winter of Code is a program aimed to increase participation for the Google Summer of Code program among students in colleges and universities.

Well, I am actually a 2019 participant of Winter of code. For me, that time of the year thing was pretty tight and I didn’t even want to participate.


  1. I had doubts, my code will be judged.

This is a tri-monthly update. Mostly when exams are around and things are slack!

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DSC NSEC Orientation sessions 2019

Hey there,

Been a long time since I got onto my boring talk about how DSC NSEC has been doing. Guess what, we’re now an officially recognized technical community at NSEC!

Where were we for so long?

In short — saving lives. Our lives, actually. The semester exams caught us at the end of April, and we were bogged down with it till the mid of June. …

This is a Monthly Report — 3 of 18.

A month about conquering quests, earning badges, in the cloud!


The month began with the introduction of the DSC Solution Challenge which led to some long meetings and team formations among DSC NSEC. And if you are hearing about the challenge for the first time, you’d want to head over to this link — to read all about the challenge. And finally, if you wish to participate in it, probably head over to the DSC NSEC Slack Workspace (if you’re one of us!).

DataCamp Online Classroom Program

And then we thought, while we’re at developing projects, why not upgrade ourselves simultaneously? So came along the DSC NSEC DataCamp Online Classroom program which provided free premium accounts to over 300 students who enrolled themselves as members of DSC NSEC (or as DSC members of any college, including several DSC Leads!). …

This is a Monthly Report — 2 of 18.

The month of March was great for DSC NSEC! We saw several events, which were primarily organized (though not officially) by members of DSC NSEC.

Let’s have a quick recap of the events and how we contributed to them —

9th March — Intel International Women’s Day Celebration

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The event was presented by the Intel Software Innovator programme to celebrate the role of Intel in promoting women empowerment.

The venue for the event was Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata.

Event Link —

16th March — Women Techmakers Internation Women’s Day Celebration

This is a story about earning her first QwikLabs badge written by a member of DSC NSEC — Anuska Sinha, 1st year, BTech. Information Technology, NSEC.

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On Saturday, 23rd February 2019, DSC NSEC and GCDC Kolkata organised Kolkata’s first Cloud Study Jam. It was one of the most informative and interesting workshops I have ever been too.

The first session was presented by Sumitra Bagchi on “Essentials of GCP for ML/AI” who taught us to use and work on quests on QwikLabs. Machine Learning is a very intriguing topic and getting an opportunity to have a hands-on practice Lab experience was a blessing. The ‘Baseline-Data/Ml/AI’ is the quest she suggested us to start with. It had 13 hands-on labs which were all fun to do. They had very clearly explained steps which helped me to complete the quest easily. …

This a Weekly Report — 4 of don’t know how many to come.

This is also a Monthly Report — 1 of 18.

First thing first — what are monthly reports now? Well, these are very much like Weekly Reports — only longer, and hopefully more detailed.

This week in a summary

Preparation, more preparation and boom — the first Cloud Study Jam of Kolkata!

Monday began with a sad note — student unrest in the college led to being unable to do anything on the day.

On Tuesday, while things were still in trouble — we were carrying on the preparations for the event on Saturday in full swing. Had a meeting with the DSC NSEC Org Team — welcomed the new members and explained them their roles. …

It is been almost a month since the formation of this year’s DSC at Netaji Subhash Engineering College ( I was extremely elated with Anubhav’s selection as a DSC Lead from our college (I am an alumnus of NSEC (2017, IT)). It would be unjustified if I don’t mention the reasons behind this -

  • Anubhav has already a team that is able enough to organize, execute and maintain. Forming a good team without incorporating favoritism and all the other related jazz is not everyone’s cup of team. And Anubhav has this pretty much in a very sorted manner.

This a Weekly Report — 3 of don’t know how many to come.

There was much turmoil this week — a lot that I wished to do could not be turned around. And a lot came into surprising existence! Let’s go chronologically then —

Monday, 11th Feb

It was a holiday on account of the Saraswati Puja on the previous day. But I was only holding my breath waiting for Tuesday. Why? Because on that day the Google Cloud Developer Community lead Mr. Abhishek Nandy had called me up and asked me if we could have a Cloud Study Jam at our college! ‘Our’ — because Abhishek da is an alumnus of the institute! He has been a great support to technical growth at NSEC and has been one of the most regular faces at NSEC (and all over the country, in fact) for conducting workshops and seminars since years! And well, he’s an Intel Black Belt Developer! …

This a Weekly Report — 2 of don’t know how many to come.

In the second week of DSC NSEC’s run, it did cover a number of milestones! Let’s make a quick count —

  1. The Red Logo!
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DSC NSEC Official Logo

Why the red logo?

Simply put — in this week we got the DSC branding guidelines — and I realised we could have a unique identity for DSC NSEC! And hence, breaking the tradition of using the full coloured logo, we came out with this Red Logo which will be the brand symbol for DSC NSEC! …

This a Weekly Report — 1 of don’t know how many to come.

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Developer Students’ Club — Netaji Subhash Engineering College

Hey there,

It has been 1 week since I found out I had been accepted for the role of Developer Student Clubs Lead at my college — Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Kolkata, India. And a lot has happened since.

Now, I know my college is not much known. I don’t blame anyone — even the auto drivers near my college sometimes take time to understand what we are talking about when we take the college’s name! Well, it is a bit tough for people at a third-tier private engineering institution to dream they could make a strong impact in the country. But I do. …


Developer Student Clubs — NSEC — A Developer Students’ Club is a Google recognised student club in a college/university which promotes technology and spreads computer education!

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