This a Weekly Report — 2 of don’t know how many to come.

In the second week of DSC NSEC’s run, it did cover a number of milestones! Let’s make a quick count —

  1. The Red Logo!
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DSC NSEC Official Logo

Why the red logo?

Simply put — in this week we got the DSC branding guidelines — and I realised we could have a unique identity for DSC NSEC! And hence, breaking the tradition of using the full coloured logo, we came out with this Red Logo which will be the brand symbol for DSC NSEC! The colour code used was the simplest of the three primary colours — #FF0000

Neat, right? ;)

2. The Red Cover!

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DSC NSEC Facebook Cover Pic

This is like — obvious? Yeah, it got too red — I am not a great designer ._.

But there’s a cute Android Army DSC written in it! That was at the height of my creativity at 4 am. I should have slept, maybe. Anyway, that’s not the topic for this blog! Onwards!

3. The Winner of the membership referral programme

Remember our forwarded message on WhatsApp where we said we’ll be gifting the person who provides highest referrals with a Google AI Pendrive? Yes, we have a winner.

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Highest Referrers sorted

While there is some noise in the data, it is clearly our Vineet who won the pendrive! Congratulations brother! And thanks for helping us spread the word! I’ll be sending him his congratulations mail right after this blog!

4. The Incognito Meetups!

Meetups understood. Incognito? Well, we did not announce them on Facebook or any other social media! We just used the WhatsApp groups to communicate about these meetups because we wished to stay low-key during our formative period. Unless people understood and knew what a Developer Students’ Club was and what it could do for them — we had to avoid people who would judge it with prejudice. Come, attend our meetup — and decide for yourself :)

On Monday, our respected alumni Mr. Sayak Paul paid a visit to the college and met the entire DSC NSEC Org Team of 10 people, and motivated them in his hour-long interaction with them! Sayak da has been invariable support to the club since the day of its conception.

We share below a few images from one of our meetups which was attended by over 100 students of first-year CSE and IT!

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DSC NSEC 1st Year meetup on 6th Feb, 2019

Ohh, and we had a funny moment at yet another meetup —when an attendee turned up late and his reason for being late was — “PUBG”. Youth these days!

So that’s a wrap up for DSC NSEC in its second week! Hoping for more exciting times ahead!

Thanks for reading! Do give us some claps!

Anubhav Singh
DSC Lead,
NSEC, Kolkata

Written by — A Developer Students’ Club is a Google recognised student club in a college/university which promotes technology and spreads computer education!

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