This is a Monthly Report — 2 of 18.

The month of March was great for DSC NSEC! We saw several events, which were primarily organized (though not officially) by members of DSC NSEC.

Let’s have a quick recap of the events and how we contributed to them —

9th March — Intel International Women’s Day Celebration

The event was presented by the Intel Software Innovator programme to celebrate the role of Intel in promoting women empowerment.

The venue for the event was Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata.

Event Link —

16th March — Women Techmakers Internation Women’s Day Celebration

An event by Women Techmakers Kolkata in collaboration with Google Developers Group Kolkata to celebrate the women in technology and to share stories of growth and inspiration.

The venue for the event was University of Engineering and Management.

The event saw the launch of the official website of WTM Kolkata created and hosted by DSC NSEC members —

Event Link —

23rd March — TensorFlow Dev Summit Viewing Party

An event hosted in collaboration with DSC Heritage Institute of Technology and GDG Kolkata, the TF Dev Summit event explored the latest changes brought to TensorFlow and how these changes will impact the development of Machine Learning and AI in the coming days.

The event was organized at Heritage Institute of Technology.

Event Link —

How was DSC NSEC involved in the above events?

From organizing to attending — DSC NSEC was everywhere!

DSC NSEC Lead, Anubhav (that’s me!) was a co-organizer in all the above 3 events. Was also a speaker at the TF Dev Summit event and spoke about “Introduction to TensorFlow.JS”.

All the event posters and speaker cards (around 20 of them) were designed by DSC NSEC Core Member — Faiz Alam.

The WTM IWD event was anchored by our member — Rajwrita Nath, who comes with pretty complete notes on everything!

DSC NSEC members were the largest segment of attendees to all the events!

What else did we do this month?

Covered India.

Two teams from the college — Team Hexato and Team Cognito travelled to Jaipur and Alleppey respectively to participate in the Smart India Hackathon Finale. All the team members of both them coincidentally belonged to DSC NSEC (10 in the Core team!).

Team Hexato was also accompanied by Anubhav (again, me!), since he had given much advice (gyaan) to the team on how to get through.

Completed Quests and Gifts given

Several members of DSC NSEC have completed their QwikLabs quests which they received during the GCDC Kolkata Cloud Study Jam on 23rd Feb, organized in collaboration with DSC NSEC.

We gifted a few T-Shirts too to the members who completed the two allotted quests first and wrote a blog about it!

Also gifted our man Vineet his Google AI pendrive filled with Study resources on Machine Learning.

What’s coming?

A lot of exciting stuff is under preparation from us and we will be rolling out everything in good time!

Stay tuned!

Anubhav Singh
DSC Lead,
NSEC Kolkata

Written by — A Developer Students’ Club is a Google recognised student club in a college/university which promotes technology and spreads computer education!

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