This is a Monthly Report — 3 of 18.

A month about conquering quests, earning badges, in the cloud!


The month began with the introduction of the DSC Solution Challenge which led to some long meetings and team formations among . And if you are hearing about the challenge for the first time, you’d want to head over to this link — to read all about the challenge. And finally, if you wish to participate in it, probably head over to the DSC NSEC Slack Workspace (if you’re one of us!).

DataCamp Online Classroom Program

And then we thought, while we’re at developing projects, why not upgrade ourselves simultaneously? So came along the DSC NSEC DataCamp Online Classroom program which provided free premium accounts to over 300 students who enrolled themselves as members of DSC NSEC (or as DSC members of any college, including several DSC Leads!).

It’s not yet late to apply for it — head over to and refer the poster below for instructions!

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Start your Data Science journey with the DSC NSEC DataCamp Online Classroom!

Events at GDG Kolkata

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Cloud Study Jam at Academy of Technology.

On 12th April, 2019 DSC Lead, Anubhav along with 2 other DSC NSEC members, after travelling 70km with the break of dawn were found at Academy of Technology conducting a Cloud Study Jam under the banner of Google Developers Group Kolkata.

The event saw an attendance of nearly 200 students, with several of them completing the QwikLabs quests in the upcoming days.

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Left to Right: Sayak Paul, Aritra Roy Gosthipaty, Ritwik Raha, Anubhav Singh and Chirag Nayyar. Missing: Shuvam Manna

The GDG Kolkata Cloud Next’19 Extended was organized by GDG Kolkata team at Sister Nivedita Unversity on 20th of April, 2019. Sayak, Chirag, Anubhav and Shuvam were the speakers for the event.

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Cloud Next 19 Extended at Sister Nivedita University.

The DSC NSEC Online Program

This month at the DSC NSEC Online Program (on YouTube Live) saw two classroom sessions conducted by Mayank Gupta, YouTuber at ‘’ on web development with PHP and MySQL.

The sessions can be found at —

[1] Session 1 —
[2] Session 2 —

And lastly, before I run off to sleep, we had a wonderful blog by Anurag Singh, DSC NSEC Core Member, on how he found happiness by his passion of learning.

I guess that’s how it works — you learn, you grow yourself. And then you help others grow, and the world becomes a better place. Learning never ends.

See you next month!

DSC Lead,
NSEC Kolkata

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— A Developer Students’ Club is a Google recognised student club in a college/university which promotes technology and spreads computer education!

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