It is been almost a month since the formation of this year’s DSC at Netaji Subhash Engineering College ( I was extremely elated with Anubhav’s selection as a DSC Lead from our college (I am an alumnus of NSEC (2017, IT)). It would be unjustified if I don’t mention the reasons behind this -

  • Anubhav has already a team that is able enough to organize, execute and maintain. Forming a good team without incorporating favoritism and all the other related jazz is not everyone’s cup of team. And Anubhav has this pretty much in a very sorted manner.
  • The team members are committed to creating an unbiased Developer ecosystem. Our college has had a glorious Developer culture in the past and with time it was getting lost somehow. This team is fully charged to bring that back in its full form and set examples for others to follow.

I have been extremely fortunate enough to have interacted with the members of the core team of DSC-NSEC within the two weeks of its formation. This post is a reflection of the immense amount of gratitude and respect I have for this team.

The results of Smart India Hackathon 2019 were declared last week and this year two teams from our college made it to the grand finale of Smart India Hackathon. Now, guess what? Most of the members of these two teams belong to DSC-NSEC. But why such a coincidence? This needs careful inspection.

I have carefully interacted with all the members of DSC-NSEC and I have found something very common in all of them — the willingness to develop something for something and to preach this willingness among their peers. The second something corresponds to objectives (not monetary though). Objectives that motivate you objectives that have long-term positive effects :)

I think for a developer the true day of victory arrives when his(s) piece of development helps someone else in a holistic way (getting your answer as an accepted answer on StackOverflow for example). A developer when enables another individual to realize his(s) developer capabilities and when it starts to happen in iterations a genuine developer community borns. I have seen this promise in DSC-NSEC. Maybe this is why they are already conducting technical workshops preaching knowledge and the power of learning and sharing. Maybe this is why they interacting with the newcomers in the college so that they too can get a platform to discover their developer capabilities and build something with love and passion. I can continue adding many similar “maybe”s like these but I feel the ones that I mentioned are very rare ones and deserve to be heard an appreciated.

I firmly remember a statement made by R Subrahmanyam, Secretary (Higher Education) MHRD, India at SIH 2018 — “Comprehending a problem that is not yours is a great thing”. I would like to reiterate this statement for you DSC-NSEC. With that said, let me draw the line :)


Written by — A Developer Students’ Club is a Google recognised student club in a college/university which promotes technology and spreads computer education!

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