Setbacks, Gearing up for a big comeback!

This a Weekly Report — 3 of don’t know how many to come.

There was much turmoil this week — a lot that I wished to do could not be turned around. And a lot came into surprising existence! Let’s go chronologically then —

Monday, 11th Feb

It was a holiday on account of the Saraswati Puja on the previous day. But I was only holding my breath waiting for Tuesday. Why? Because on that day the Google Cloud Developer Community lead Mr. Abhishek Nandy had called me up and asked me if we could have a Cloud Study Jam at our college! ‘Our’ — because Abhishek da is an alumnus of the institute! He has been a great support to technical growth at NSEC and has been one of the most regular faces at NSEC (and all over the country, in fact) for conducting workshops and seminars since years! And well, he’s an Intel Black Belt Developer! In short, he’s super cool!

And I (needless to say?) jumped at the opportunity.

Tuesday, 12th Feb

The college opens, Principal sir gets to sit at his desk and presenting before him — “Permission for conducting GCDC Kolkata Cloud Study Jam in collaboration with ”.

Got approved, definitely! Want to join us? Head over to —

Wednesday, 13th Feb

We have observed a great interest in ‘Robotics’ among the students of the first year at NSEC. And being the proactive team that DSC NSEC is, we start brainstorming on how we can help them grow in the field. We reached a decision, which we shall talk about in the upcoming reports ;)

PS: Other college groups reading my medium posts very seriously! So, no plans leaked!

Also, expanded our core team to 20 members!

Thursday, 14th Feb

Holiday. Yes.

Friday, 15th Feb

Meeting with DSC Core and Sourav Sir (our dear Faculty Mentor! ❤ ) for smooth conducting of the meetup ahead next week! 1.5 hours of planning done and banners rolled out!


Yes, we too had it. What happened — I wished to conduct a workshop on Tuesday for the students of the first year. Everything was planned, we had exciting gifts ready for them. But all of a sudden I get informed that the HoD of Basic Engineering Sciences has declared my workshop illegal and I had to call a stop to it 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

Kind of my own mistake — I did not take the proper permissions. Apparently, one has to clarify their goodwill on paper and make rounds of the administrative office before being able to do anything good in the college.



Tried having a live session for the students on Friday night. But I could not get my YouTube Live active since it takes 24 hours and I tried using an RTMP streaming service but it lagged so bad I had to call off the session after 15 mins.

Not much of a comeback I know, but I had written comeback in the blog title, so, had to write about it.

Maybe the Cloud Study Jam will be the comeback I am looking for! Register for it asap and if you are a member of any DSC, ask your lead for referral and we shall give you priority invite to the event! ;)

See you next week!

DSC Lead,
NSEC, Kolkata

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— A Developer Students’ Club is a Google recognised student club in a college/university which promotes technology and spreads computer education!

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